"History is the drama of human existence - and it's never taught this way . . . 
People never come alive!  All these people lived dramatic lives . . . every hour in history class ought to be a terribly exciting lecture on the lives and loves of these people . . . But we don't learn it that way, and as a consequence history is a course that most people hate in school.  It's just a shame."
Walter Cronkite

Mission Statement! This Tri-State area theater company, is dedicated to bringing American history alive for elementary, middle and high school students by letting the people who made history speak for themselves, through the experience of live theater.

RECOMMENDED BY:  William C. Bassell, Principal

"Steve's commitment to education through theater is deep, rich, vibrant, and genuine.  His presentations are worthwhile and valuable both in terms of engaging students at a high level and in terms of utilized performance to make the content come alive.  It is rare to see passionate commitment and performance excellence wonderfully combined, but Steve Boockvor's trouple does it superbly."

Literacy through arts education

Rick McKay 
Second Act Productions
Broadway:  The Golden Age, PBS

"Beautiful job Denise [on the promo video]. I cannot even imagine how powerful it would have been to have grown up with something like this program coming to my school. How lucky those kids are!" 

*  Retain historical facts thru personalization of character

*  Enjoy the process of learning

*  Stimulate curiosity

*  Broaden the appreciation for and impact of history in their own lives.
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“Lots of teachers and educators” talk about bringing Hamilton into their curriculum. “I get videos from 4-year-olds to college students ... of them performing songs from this show,” he says. “They’re learning songs they like and weirdly learning U.S. history in the process.”                                                    (Newsweek, 2016)
If you could surround third person narration with the first person voices you could help make the past come alive. You could understand how they love and lost in the exact same way that we do now.

Ken Burns, Civil War Documentary
W/Denise Johnson (Phyllis Wheatley); host Gwen Edwards & Director, Steve Boockvor
12 News CT
Feb. 18 & 19, 2017
11:30am & 4:30pm